Archbee Wiki - Slack integration

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How to install Archbee Wiki into your Slack workspace and use it for your team and company

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We're the perfect complement to, so we've built out to be as close to your team as possible.

Install our Slack integration to get notified of your team's activity, and find knowledge easily using commands.

Installing Slack integration

  1. Create your FREE Archbee Wiki account here (;
  2. Invite teammates here (;
  3. Create a channel for Archbee into your Slack workspace;
  4. On the same page (, click on Add To Slack!;
  5. On Slack's Auth page select the channel you previously created;
  6. Click Authorize.

Now Archbee is integrated with Slack!

How does it work?

Team events like: inviting new members, sharing documents, moving documents, archiving documents, publicly sharing documents will now be shared on the channel you created.

You can also use the /archbee-find command to deep search your knowledge base.An example: /archbee-find how to install dev environmentYou should receive a list of documents you can read to find the knowledge you're looking for.

Enjoy your new knowledge sharing workflow!