Best Knowledge Base Software for Business Compared

Knowledge base software refines your knowledge management efforts. It streamlines the onboarding process for new employees and can improve customer or product support.

This guide shows you exactly what you need to know about knowledge base software and how to use it to grow your business.

Knowledge Base software
Shortcuts to some of the topics in the guide:

Internal knowledge base software

Looking for the best internal knowledge base software. Check what you need to know before you decide. Read more.

Open source knowledge base

We support open source projects and there are some that might be a good fit for your knowledge base. Read more.

Free knowledge base software

Free software is awesome, but there is a key difference you need to know between freemium and free. Read more.


  • What is a knwoledge base software?
  • What does a knowledge base contains?
  • What is knowledge base for?
  • What should be included in a knowledge base?
  • Best knowledge base software (FULL COMPARISON)
  • Which knowledge base software to choose?

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Many people look for knowledge base software. It is incredibly popular with small and large organizations or even individuals. Regardless of how advanced you might be with them, we have a tailor-made resource for you here.

So, how does one define what is a knowledge base software?

What is a knowledge base software?

A knowledge base software is a content management system built specifically for the management of information. It provides authoring, collaboration, and administration tools that help users create and manage content relevant to their business.

The core knowledge base software features are around adding and finding information. So, search and retrieval is really important since the format management, revision control, and may vary depending on the type of business. Usually has some combination of these features:

Permissions and access control
Easily editable contentWorkflow managementCollaborationDocument managementVersioningTemplatesWhat are some of the benefits:
- low costEasy to customizeEasy to use
What are some disadvantages:Cost of implementationCost of maintenanceTool mixingsecurity

A knowledge base software provides the foundation for managing the creation and modification of content that may include text and embed graphics, photos, video, audio, maps, and program code that display content and interact with the user.

What does a knowledge base contains?

From a corporate perspective, tribal knowledge or know-how is the collective wisdom of the organization. It is the sum of all the knowledge and capabilities of all the people
Your company's knowledge base allows customers or employees for that matter to ask and find answers to questions about your products, access instructions for using and troubleshooting your products, and learn more about your business.Such collective wisdom within an organization is known as tribal knowledge.

What is knowledge base for?

For internal knowledge management - Team collaboration and knowledge-sharingInternal knowledge base software is normally online knowledge management software that team members use to access private, confidential, or otherwise not publicly available information. Some also refer to these as private knowledge bases.Easy employee onboarding
For customer support - Self-service customer supportGreat customer experienceIt shouldn't matter what type of business you run; your employees or customers should be able to search and find answers to their questions without needing to talk to a person. Actually, the recent Global State of Customer Service report found that 86% of respondents expect a self-service option, and two-thirds try self-service first before contacting a live agent.
For product documentationExternal knowledge base software (B2C) act as self-service customer service solutions. Customers and clients use them as help desks and they're important customer experience tools.

What should be included in a knowledge base?

IT: It simplifies everything from troubleshooting to training/onboarding and general how-to and support questions
HR: Again, great for everything from training/onboarding to distributing company policies and pay schedules
Legal: Helps with contract and other approval processes, policies, trademarks and registrations

Best knowledge base software (FULL COMPARISON)

Best internal knowledge base software

Software Trial/Free plan From $ / month Review
Archbee 21 Day Trial $30/month In depth review
Confluence Free and Trial $5/month In depth review
Notion Free and Trial $10/month In depth review
Document360 14 Day Trial $99/month In depth review

Best open source knowledge base

Best free knowledge base software

Which knowledge base software to choose?