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Best Confluence Server Alternatives for Company Wiki [by Business Type]

Is Confluence still the best team and company wiki software? Check these alternatives to Confluence server to change your company wiki to a cloud-based solution.

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We raised $1M and got to Y Combinator

We're going to help software companies with all of their documentation needs.

The hidden growth loop for technical founders: Product Documentation

6 (crazy?) ways to become more efficient as a developer

For close to two years I've built Archbee all by myself and needed time for tasks other than programming, so I needed to become efficient. I know a thing or two about developer productivity. Read!

Remote work vs office work

Be honest: would you fully return to the office or it’s rather the coffee break you miss?

Synchronous vs Asynchronous Communication

It all depends on when you need an answer: now or later.

How to write technical documentation

Start by considering yourself on a Sherlock Holmes mission to unlock the truth.

How to write documentation to grow your business

It’s time to start loving Ikea’s infamous instruction manuals.

Best Business Collaboration Tools For Remote Work in 2020

Working together is a must when aiming for success. People who work well together achieve great results and manage to change the world forever..

Do you need documentation?

Every company needs documentation. Well... not really. Read on why.

The Best Knowledge Management Software of 2020

Don’t keep your knowledge scattered among emails and documents. Use the best knowledge management software of 2020 to harness the power of information.

Board Meeting Minutes: What They Are And How To Take Them

Board meeting minutes can help you in a lot of ways. They’re important (and sometimes even legally required) so read our article to find out how to take them.

A Private Wiki: Everything You Need To Know

If you’ve got unfair advantages in your market, a private wiki will help you keep them secure and easy to access. Read our article to find out how.

Project Documentation: A Project Manager’s Secret Weapon

Strategies and tactics about how to build and maintain project documentation as a project manager, and how tools like Archbee can help.

7 Tips That Show You How To Improve Software Documentation

Follow our short guide with actionable advice on how to improve software documentation.

Why keep a changelog?

How a changelog helps with building your product and your company

What Is Tribal Knowledge, and Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

Some thoughts into Why your company needs a Knowledge Management Wiki like Archbee?

Why software startups fail

Some insights on how testing and documentation can make or break software companies and how Archbee Wiki can help.

Archbee is a knowledge management system for technical teams

Short analysis of some problems Archbee Wiki might solve and other solutions

10 open source tech you should take a look at, before 2020

We take a look at strong tech developed in the 2010s

Why Serverless/FaaS is not there yet

Serverless offerings from different cloud services providers

Archbee Wiki - Slack integration

How to install Archbee Wiki into your Slack workspace and use it for your team and company

Archbee is becoming a company & team Wiki

We are pivoting to a team & company Wiki focused on engineering teams

The future of Java

The apocalypse is over, now what's next for the behemoth programming language?

Documentation in Software Development

How can a team wiki like Archbee help with documentation?

Exploring AWS

How can Archbee Wiki help with software development on cloud providers?

The architecture of Archbee

We explore how Archbee Wiki is being built. Architecture, code, libraries

Questions to ask when building software engineering teams

Why a knowledge base or company wiki solution is important to building high-performance dev teams

How to properly onboard your new developers

Some insights into hiring and onboarding developers and how Archbee Wiki can help

Archbee Wiki - General Availability

Archbee is a team & company wiki with a focus on engineering teams